Kisumu, Kenya

Alara Primary School

Some basic statistics:

  • 420 primary children (aged 7 to 14)
  • 87 nursery children
  • 10 children with special needs
  • 9 class rooms (8 in the primary school)
  • 14 teachers and assistant staff.

October 2007

This is the original old primary school at Alara

The school was built in 1939

The entrance track from the road, with a lovely jaracanda tree with purple blossoms..

The building on the left is the single room for 97 infant children.

Class 2

(October 2007)

In the foreground is a water tank that collects rain from the roof.

Children in school on a Saturday morning.

Note the wooden window frames with shutters and wire mesh. There is no glass (and no security).
October 2007

Class 8

These are the children aged 14 and 15 who will be taking their final school examinations in November before leaving school.

Very few will have the opportunity to go to secondary school. But thanks to the generosity of our supporters, five of the orphan children from this class will go to the secondary school for four years. Fees paid by us! (School fees are currently £500 per child for the four years).

Deputy Head Teacher Tom Sabwa with some of the children aged 13.
Head Teacher Perez

She currently works in an extremely small office.

The trophy on the desk is an award for the school coming second in the exam results last year for this district of Kenya.

Note the phone! We paid for the installation of this radio phone in the summer of 2007.

The track to the road from the school.

Some of the 14 to 15 year old girls.

Uniforms for the girls cost Ksh 500/= (£3.69)

Uniforms for the boys cost Ksh 600/- (£4.42)

October 2007

The current staff room. It measures about 8 feet x 5 feet !

The school - built in 1939
Some of the teachers.
General view of the school from the playing field.
Tom (Deputy Head) and Perez (Head Teacher)
Perez and Tom with Gay Neep.

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