CHIGA 2007

Kisumu, Kenya

We first became involved with the Grandparents with Orphans project at Chiga, Kisumu when we made a visit there early in 2006.

Below is listed a project report of objectives for 2007 as provided by Betty Mutere. It is stated as received. Now, you will identify some items on this list which you may think are unsuitable to sponsor, and frankly, we do too. However, they do include many meaningful and worthwhile items. We believe that we need to be selective, and cater for just some of these requests.

Chiga Orphans’Development Project-Kenya
2007 Budget

By: Betty Mutere

Below is the budget corresponding to the identified objectives and activities for the year 2007

Objective One: Revival of Baby Orphans’ Centre

Priority Requirements:

  1. Sinking new toilet : 10,000/= £73
  2. Fencing of compound with gate : 20,000/= £147
  3. Plaster and Painting of Classroom : 15,000/= £110
  4. Installing playground equipment : 55,000/= £404
  5. Semi-permanent kitchen facility : 15,000/= £110
  6. Establishment of Solar power : 35,000/= £257
  7. TV/ VCR for educational programmes : 20,000/= £147

    Sub total: 170,000/= £1,249

Objective Two: launch of Youth Orphans’ Development Programmes

Priority Requirements

  1. Launch of Dressmaking programme
    • a. Purchase of 2 machines : 20,000/= £147
    • b. Purchase of materials and accessories : 10,000/= £73
    • c. Training fees for first 3 months : 9,000/= £66
  2. Launch of Hairdressing training programme : 6,000/= £44
  3. Launch of ‘Piki-piki’ Transport training programme:
    • a. (see cost of piki piki below)
    • b. Trainer fees 3 months : 6,000/= £44

Sub total: 51,000/= £375

Objective Three: Sustainability of orphans’ Development Centre

Priority Requirements

  1. Water pump and generator + pipes: 20,000/= £147
  2. Play station : 31,000/= £227
  3. Small ‘bodaboda’ motorcycle : 80,000/= £586

Sub total: 131,000/= £960

The income generating activities below have the capacity to

  • · Sustain the ECD teachers
  • · Maintain the ECD cook
  • · Pay for weekly visits of clinician
  • · Maintain purchase of supply of essential drugs
  • · Maintain horticulture programme for enhanced food access
  • · Pay kitchen garden worker
  • · Pay vocational training instructor (hair dressing + dress making)
  • · Maintain children’s feeding programme
  • · Help initiate poultry-keeping project

GRAND TOTAL: 352,000/= £2,585

If you could also bring along some toys, educational books, video and audio tapes for the baby orphans’ centre, that are available in UK but not in Kenya, I would be extremely grateful .

If funds are extremely limited, and if there is only ONE THING that we can get, then I request the small motorcycle as it has the capacity to bring in at least ksh. 12,000 each month, (ksh 400 per day profit) which we can stretch to slowly fulfill the other needs.

Update 29th October

We are very sorry to have to announce that our support for the Grandparents with Orphans project at Chiga will cease.

We have not been able to donate more money for Chiga during our October 2007 visit.

  • We found that here have been no children at the unit for over a year.
  • The money that we paid for land, ploughing and seeds has been wasted. They had one crop, and it stopped there, with no further crops being planted.
  • The money Ksh 30,000/- (£221.00) that we donated to purchase a cow was wasted and not accounted for. There was no cow, despite the fact that we had been sent a photograph of a cow.
  • The proposed plans for hairdressing and dressmaking programs was not for Chiga, but for another project in the city of Kisumu, and was not carefully thought out. The idea of buying a motorcycle to provide earnings for Chiga was not feasible, and we doubted that it would help Chiga in any way.

Therefore we very reluctantly decided to cease providing more funds for Betty Mutere for her project.

It has been a learning curve for us, where we have seen that money can be used in a more structured and transparent way by a tried and trusted team of local people within a community (such as the schools at Dago Kokore and Alara), where it is being monitored.


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